10 Years of Pandion

Time zone: Alpha (UTC+1)
Operation time: 271200OCT16 – 301140OCT16
Area of Operation: Rödjenäs, Vetlanda.
Military Grid Reference System: 33VVD

This is a three parts Pandion event, a mixture of realsim, milsim, skirmish, BBQ and more, to celebrate ten years of fun!


What is Pandion

The idea that all participants together create a great game.
The participants mindset that fulfilling a mission is greater than the correct gear AND that other players experience are as important or greater than your own.


AO Rödjenäs, Sweden

10 square km of land.
15 square km of lake with archiepelago.
Great surroundings with a fantastic landowner!


Part 1: Just fun! (Optional)

Thursday 12:00

Safety rules
Schedule and divided into groups

Safety, riscs and dangers

Test of diffrent grenade systems.
Booby trapping

Basic pyro rigging
Cable, wire, radio

Fika paus and mine clearing

Smoke screen
Gasoline explosion
Explosions in air, water and ground

BBQ, socialising, and other fun stuff..


Part 2: Prequel skirmish (Optional)

Friday 9:00 ”Full scale” amphibious landing, full of sound, smoke, pyro, water cascades and a never ending stream of landing crafts and machinegun fire…


Part 3: RealSim (Main part)

50h+ realsim. All teams will throughout this part be self sufficient and operate via orders radioed from full sized HQ or operate autonomous from a OPORD given before game starts.



I’ve set a limit to 120 participants due to logistics.

Payment before 15 august; 650 SEK and get a loaded PMS Hgr2 per person!
Payment before 1 october; 650 SEK/person.
Payment 1 october or later; 700 SEK/person.
Payment is made by team, not individually!

Fill in this form!



Maximum 120 tickets!

Tickets not paid for yet: 20
Tickets not signed for yet: 5

Team From Persons Paid ticket
Nassau03 Netherlands 5 yes
HH Sweden 4 yes
45-Я Sweden 6 yes
Adi Sweden 1 no
ROSN Krater Sweden ~8 Yes
Reloaded Sweden 12 no
VORON Sweden 3 yes
EastGoastGators Sweden 4 Yes
STAG Sweden 6 no
G07 Netherlands 8 yes
TF Hades Sweden 2+ no
JSOC Denmark 5 Yes
SJP Sweden 3 no
SIGMA Denmark 4 Yes
CKC Denmark 5 Yes
Blackteam Sverige 4 Yes
OTZ Sverige 3 yes
Omega Sverige 3 no
Ohamn Sverige 2 Yes
Vityaz Sverige 1 No
Black Devils Sverige 6 No
NWI Sverige 2 Yes
DSD Sverige 4 No