NightFight 3-5 April

Time: 031300B APR – 051100B APR

Pandion Realsim, 46 hours non-stop event at Rödjenäs, Sweden.
Normal operation hours are between 130003B APR – 040004B APR and 120004B APR – 040005B APR. Game ends at 120005B APR. This gives 15 hours of focused operation in daylight and 16 hours during night time. A normal Pandion event, but I force more activities to night time.

In game vehicles must be approved.

Every participant must have their main weapon equipped with a working tracer unit and use tracer BBs.

Purpose with the event is to give participant a night fight experience that most people are dreaming about but very few have actually experienced.

This event is NOT focused only for people with NVGs and termals. This is an event for everyone and it will be more balanced, equal and fair than other fights in the dark. How? First of all, it will not be pitch black as it’s full moon. And then everyone will use tracers, so as soon as someone fires a round, they will reveal their position. As a game leader I also balance the game and missions so it will be enjoyable and exciting for everyone.

Cost: 550 SEK / person

Team leaders apply to the event here!