Equipment list for the game

What gear you choose to bring to the game must be adopted to the team and to the game. Much of the gear will be diffrent depending on if you have a large base camp or if youäll be sleeping under a tree, if you’ll be in for a recon mission or base defense.

I’ve set up a basic list of equipment from wich you can adopt it to your specific needs. Remember that it is good to plan your gear with the team, share some equipment to ease the total burden. Also pack in a main bergen but also an extra small backpack with the stuff you whant to bring on small 2-4h missions when you leave your main bergen hidden some where.

Personal equipment list:

Water and food
Water: 3-5 liter/dygn. (3l dryck, 2l matlagning och övrigt)
Food: Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Snacks.
Gear: Dish, spoon, cup.

Small towel
Extra t-shirt, underwear, socks (wool recommended)
Toothbrush, toothpaste

Sleeping bag, sleeping mattress, bivvie, moscito net.

Good to have
Plastic map, compass, extra eye protection, small not bright flashlight.


Equipment for team leader:

Map, compass, notebook, pencil, binoculars


Team equipment list

Minimize and share the burden.

Kitchen gear
Boiler, water cleaning device.

Tarp or tent


Backup gun

Toiletpapper, showel


Good to know and have:

Garlic capsules
Eat it regulary to minimize risc of tics.

Allergy medicin (ex Clarityn (1pcs/day) and your moscito bites wont itch.

En brinnande myggspiral i lägret håller myggorna på avstånd.

Resorb och huvudvärkstabletter är bra att ha med sig om man känner att huvudvärken är på gång, oftast pga vätskebrist. Resorb kan tas förebyggande morgon och kväll.

Buy a water cleaning device and you can lower the weight of you bergen. This is the BEST investment you can do if you’re into milsim/realsim. The cost for the device is lower than 1SEK/liter water. There’s even cheaper but slower systems. Search for ”Sawyer mini”.

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